Why Discount GPS is The Best

Discount GPS offers great GPS vehicle fleet tracking products without the burden of commitment to lengthy contracts. There are no contracts to worry about on a monthly basis. The high quality fleet GPS tracking devices that we have available cost you only $99 each. The great part is that our fleet vehicle GPS tracking devices are the same high quality devices available elsewhere, but at a substantially lower cost. We utilize the latest in Web-based Real-time Fleet Management technology to ensure that you get the best vehicle tracking system available in this modern day and age.

With an incredibly high customer retention rate of 98.5%, you can be sure that Discount GPS is one of the very best vehicle tracking solutions that money can buy. With thousands of satisfied customers, we are confident that our GPS fleet tracking systems are absolutely top-notch. We have deployed over 12,000 fleet tracking management devices on our proven platform. We have stood the test of time and built on our successes to bring you one of the best vehicle fleet tracking solutions available today.

Our in-house support staff are incredibly knowledgeable and are always happy to assist you in answering any and all questions that you may have when looking at installing a new GPS fleet management system. Rest assured that there is a welcoming and highly trained team on call to handle any requests you make, from quotations to orders.

With Discount GPS there is no risk involved in acquiring your new fleet tracking systems. There are never any hidden costs involved at any stage of your involvement with our company. As an added bonus, we offer an almost unbeatable 100% money back guarantee over 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the GPS fleet tracking systems for a full refund.

What Can Fleet Tracking Do For Me?

Vehicle fleet GPS tracking has been proven to have huge benefits to businesses in all sectors. Companies who have chosen to adopt a fleet tracking GPS system, have seen a 10% to a 20% increase in their productivity. By using a fleet tracking system to closely monitor the habits and driving styles of their drivers, many businesses have been able to reduce the money that they spend on fuel by 10% to 30%. That is a huge saving on one vehicle alone and only becomes more significant when applied to an entire fleet of cars fitted with real time fleet tracking capabilities.
More benefits of fitting a fleet tracking device include billing verification and the ability for firms to confirm the amount of time that has been spent on the job site. Because of the fleet tracking aspect of the systems allowing businesses to be constantly aware of their fleet’s position, there are some great discounts available on insurance premiums, due to the added security. The ability to monitor the abuse of overtime hours is a huge incentive to installing these a GPS fleet tracking system. It is now possible for companies to use these GPS systems for fleet tracking to prevent these infractions before they occur. Automatic alerts sent through the fleet vehicle tracking system inform business of upcoming vehicle maintenance milestones, preventing the loss of manufacturer’s warranties.

What Are The System Features?
This high quality fleet GPS system boasts the capability to perform Live Tracking and take into account the appropriate references to Geofences in the real world. This top of the range GPS for fleet management will send notification alerts to companies as well as make all the information it carries available via it’s intelligent report suite. Keep track of your fleet’s maintenance needs and your working schedules to prevent wasted or idle time. Utilize the incredibly useful dashboard information and should the need arise, businesses may also operate the remote ignition disable function to immobilize the vehicle.

Why Choose Discount GPS?

  • No Contracts
  • Devices Only $99! Same High Quality Devices
  • Web Based Real-Time Fleet Management
  • 98.5% Customer Retention Rate
  • Proven Platform With Over 12,000 Devices Deployed
  • Knowledgeable ‘In-House’ Support Staff
  • No Hidden Fees or Costs
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

System Features.

  • Live Tracking
  • Geofences
  • Notification Alerts
  • Report Suite
  • Maintenance
  • Schedules
  • Dashboard
  • Remote Ignition Disable

Why do I need fleet tracking?

  • Increased Productivity, 10%-20%
  • Reduced Fuel Costs, 10%-30%
  • Billing Verification, Track Time Spent on the Job Site
  • Decrease Insurance Premiums
  • Stop OverTime Hour Abuse
  • Automated Vehicle Maintenance Alerts